The Challenge Online

The Challenge Online is a confidential, informal, interactive website which helps you to assess your numeracy, learn everyday maths online and gain confidence. Watch these videos or read below for an introduction.


How it works

Before you begin, have a look at the 4 tabs above: Myths?, Why Bother?, Is It Just Me? and Yes You Can. These include examples of why learning maths is important and shows that however maths makes you feel, you’re not alone!

Then click on the ‘Take the Challenge’ button to get started register your details. Don’t worry – these are kept private! You’ll be asked 6 short questions so that we can understand how you feel about maths.

1. Take the ‘Challenge Check-Up’. This is a selection of questions which helps you find out the overall level you are working at, at this moment in time. It usually takes about 20 minutes, but you can take as long as you need. You can log out and come back to it too.

2. See the topics you need to work on. After you’ve finished the Check-Up, you see what level you worked at, your score, and you are also given a target to work towards. You will then see your learning plan which shows you the areas and topics you need to work on.

3. Learn. The Challenge Online then directs you to the right learning resources for you. Take your time, visit the resources and learn some everyday maths online at your own pace.

4. Retake the Challenge Check-Up. When you feel ready, re-take the Check-Up to see if you have reached your target and print out your Challenge Certificate.


Learning Maths Elsewhere

Rather than learning maths online, maybe you’d like to do a maths course elsewhere. The Challenge Online can help you get ready for this too. After taking the Check-Up (step 1 above), you can print out the list of topics that you might need help with and then show these to your tutor.



What is National Numeracy?

National Numeracy is an independent charity that aims to improve numeracy in the UK. Our main initiative is the National Numeracy Challenge, a drive to tackle the major issue of low adult numeracy in the UK.

Registered Charity Number: 1145669