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A free online tool to check your numeracy level

The Challenge isn't like maths at school. It's fun and relaxed with everyday maths you can really use.

It's tailored to you and has all the help you need to improve all in one place.

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Putting you at ease

Multiple choice answers. Each question is multiple choice and uses examples of everyday maths.

No timer. No pressure. There's no timer or progress bar so you can take your time to think.

Adapts to you. The questions adapt to how you answer them and only step up when you're ready.

Save your progress. Take it at your own pace, have a break and come back whenever you need to.


Your results explained

You will receive a breakdown of how you did in the 5 areas of numeracy and tips on how to improve using our learning pages.


Available on mobile

Take the Challenge on the go - doing as little as 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference.



What are the Essentials of Numeracy?

The Essentials of Numeracy are the basic number skills you need in daily life and the workplace.

Improving your numeracy can help you better understand letters from the bank, save for a family holiday, or even land that dream job!



People we've helped

"It's no exaggeration when I say it has been potentially life changing."

"Thanks to the Challenge tool, I can tackle more everyday numeracy problems and have fun doing it"

"When I completed the Challenge, I was so proud of myself because I did it for me"



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