Frequently Asked Questions

Why has my old score changed?

We made improvements to the Challenge website towards the end of October 2015, which included changes to how scores are calculated. This means that we had to map scores achieved before the update so that they fit in with the new scoring.

Levels and targets set before the update will not have changed.

What access code do I need to register for the Challenge?

If you are taking the Challenge through an organisation, network or workplace, you should have be given a unique link and access code to register for the Challenge.

If you are taking the Challenge as an individual participant please use the access code 'open'.


Why can’t I get the Challenge Online to work?

If you experience technical difficulties using the Challenge, please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

In order to help resolve the problem quickly, please provide us with the following information in your email:

• The device and web browser you are using, preferably including the version of the browser you are using
• Whether you have just started the Challenge or are returning to it
• If the problem is specific to a question, the question ID number - this can be found in the top left hand corner of the page
• What happened just before the problem occurred


Who can use the Challenge Online?

The Challenge is aimed at adults (16+). You can sign up as an individual, or you can also sign up as part of an organisation, college or workplace to provide the Challenge to staff, students, or clients.

I have a learning difficulty that means I’m finding the Challenge difficult to use.
We recommend that you speak to someone at your local college who can help you find the learning options that best suit your needs. Have a look at our guide to learning elsewhere.
Or take a look at some of our useful links:
• Colour Blindness –
• Dyslexia –
• Irlen Syndrone –
• Mencap –


Can I use the Challenge on my Smartphone/Tablet?

Yes, the Challenge Online is fully functional on desktop or laptop computers and tablets. Although you can access the site by smartphone, you may find the site does not display correctly.

Please note that there are some areas of the site that use Flash, which is not compatible with tablets or smartphones. The site should detect you are using one of these devices and revert to a mobile compatible format. If you come across any issues with this, please get in touch.

It is important to note when using a tablet device, in order to see the full question the orientation of the iPad may need to be changed:

iPad orientation


How do I find out more about the Challenge and National Numeracy?

Find out more about the Challenge.
Find out more about National Numeracy.
Read our learner leaflet.


I’m partially sighted, is there an option for audio in the Challenge?

If you are blind, visually impaired, or print disabled we recommend Microsoft’s ‘Window-Eyes’ screen reader which can be downloaded here.

The screen reader can be downloaded for free by those who have a licensed version of Office 2010 and is compatible with Windows PCs.


I don’t like learning on a screen, can I print out the learning resources?

Yes, you can print resources where appropriate.


Does it cost anything to take the Challenge Online?

There is no charge to use The Challenge.


Will I receive a recognised qualification when I complete the Challenge Online?

The Challenge does not provide an official qualification. It is a relaxed, informal, confidential way for adults to learn the everyday maths skills needed in order to reach their potential in their personal and work lives.
If you have completed the Challenge and would like to gain a qualification, take a look at our guide to learning elsewhere.


Can I use the Challenge as preparation for my maths GCSE?

While some of the content of the Challenge is equivalent to GCSE level, we do not cover all GCSE topics. The Challenge is therefore not an equivalent to a GCSE and should not be used as the only preparation for GCSE, but can be a useful addition or revision tool.


How long will it take to complete the Challenge Online?

The time taken to complete your individual Challenge will vary according to how many topics you need to work on and what your personal goals are within the Challenge.
The Challenge Check-Up takes most people twenty to forty minutes. This is then followed by bite-size chunks of learning and assessment which should take around half an hour each. The full course can be completed at your own pace across days or weeks and your progress is saved every time you log out or close the window.


If I start a college course can I still use the Challenge at home?

Of course! Use the Challenge in whichever way supports you best.


Can I choose just one (or a few) topics to concentrate on?

Once you have taken the Check-Up, the Challenge will guide you to learning resources on the topics that you most need to focus on, but will also allow you to look at resources in other topics too.


If I finish the Challenge and want to keep learning, what are my options?

The Challenge Online is designed so that it can be worked through more than once in order to help you to continue your learning up to our highest target. We also have a Learn elsewhere page which contains information and options such as continuing your learning online or college courses.


If I finish the Challenge and want to stay involved, what can I do?

National Numeracy have recently introduced the Challenge Champions volunteering scheme. If you are part of a larger organisation, workplace or network and want to support others taking the Challenge Online, do get in touch. We don’t expect you to be a maths expert or a maths teacher, we just ask that you want to help others to take steps to improve their numeracy.

Download the workbook to get started!


Still stuck?

If none of the above answers your question, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively you can call 01273 900298.